Pastor’s Weekly Update

September 20, 2017

Good afternoon friends at Shiloh and Pruett’s Chapel United Methodist Churches. I pray this note finds you well.

Worship Notes

I hope you enjoyed our look at the kings and queens of Israel and what was distinctive about their rule as it related to faith and life. I enjoyed preparing that series. This Sunday we begin a new sermon series called Caring People = Transformed People. We will be looking at what it means to be a caring congregation and who is responsible for providing care in the congregation. Our message this week is “Jesus: Faith Healer.” The Scripture is Mark 6:53-56 and can be read by clicking here. Why don’t you invite someone to church who doesn’t think anyone cares?

Growth Notes

We have had a great start to our Sunday night Bible Study on the Gospel of Luke and Acts. We meet every Sunday night at 5:00 P.M. This week we will be meeting at the Shiloh Campus. The reading for Sunday is Luke 4-9.

Last Sunday I asked what “next steps” God is leading you to take. This week, Phillip and Brittany Walker have taken that “next step” and will be hosting a Methodist Class Society group in their home. This is a group that will meet for devotional time, prayer time, and a time to hold each other accountable. This is a group for both churches. I will share more details once they are available.

Service Notes

You have a week off from organized service with the church, but as a disciple of Jesus Christ, you never get a week off. Find some way this week to serve others.

Caring Ministry Notes

Valerie is looking for a couple of people to volunteer with her in caring ministries of the church. She has experience leading volunteers and has agreed to lead this up for the church. We are looking for a couple of people who would give up to two hours a week to be involved in caring ministries. There is a training that you would have to go through. This is a vital part of our ministry and I know a few of you have the gift of caring.

Happening this week


6:00 P.M. – WOW Youth @ Shiloh

6:00 P.M. – WOW Kids @ Pruett’s Chapel


9:00 A.M. – Sunday School @ Pruett’s Chapel

10:00 A.M. – Worship @ Pruett’s Chapel

10:00 A.M. – Sunday School @ Shiloh

11:00 A.M. – Worship @ Shiloh

4:00 P.M. – Worship @ Shiloh

5:00 P.M. – Bible Study @ Shiloh

A shining light in a world of darkness . . . a warm, open seat awaits you!